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 I'm Robin, and I want to thank you for stopping by!  

I am a psychic-medium, animal intuitive, and teacher of metaphysics and healing in the Milwaukee area.


I was born into a family rich with mediumistic history. I am a fifth-generation medium in my mother's family, and have been practicing mediumship and healing for over thirty years.  I was raised in Lily Dale, New York, the world's center for the Spiritualist movement, since the 1890s.  


I want you to know it is my life's passion and my privilege to connect you with your Spirit loved ones and animal friends.  


Perhaps you’re not aware there is whole orchestra of different facets of your Life happening at the same time, but they are.  Having a reading with me is about bringing to your attention how your Spirit loved ones and animal friends help and support you in the entire context of your Life- how interconnected, how totally woven together the different facets of your life truly are! 


 The more you know, the more information you have at your disposal to help you make choices.  You can once again become engaged in living.  That’s where my readings differ from other people…because I wish to help you experience your Life as you were meant to.  


 When you know where you have been and where you are in your life right now, you can make happier choices for moving forward.  You have the ability to choose a life filled with more Peace, Prosperity and Love.




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