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"Explorare Realis Magicae Vitae"- Explore the Real Magic of Life!


This magic of Life is within each of us.  The ability to understand deeper meanings of your dreams, see invisible colors and energies of the natural world around us. 

Communicate with the animal world, hear from the loved ones who have “passed on”.  Understand how to manifest into your life better health, prosperity and loving relationships.  Imagine how understanding and learning these skills could enrich your life?

Studies at the Consortium are aimed at developing your inner world of awareness and opening your heart and mind to new experiences of  “Life’s real magic” you always carry within you.  Learn a spiritually centered approach to unfolding and expanding your awareness of Spirit in an atmosphere of playfulness and positive expansion!

Robin Salerno
Master Teacher

Is an experienced medium, intuitive healer and animal communicator who has been teaching and lecturing on the world of metaphysics for over 20 years.   She, along with several associate teachers and visiting instructors, will help guide students and participants in classes and workshops designed to discover and practice the wonderful “deeper side” of our inner awareness.

Check out events page for guest speakers and upcoming events! 
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