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It is my Life's work to bring a deep understanding between yourself and those in Spirit who come to help you and "walk with you".  


I was given the gift to live a childhood full of

wonder and miracles.  Even as a small child, everyday life included occurrences of Spirit as

I played in the streets and woods of Lily Dale,

New York.

I could always see the spirits of my loved ones walking and conversing with me, as well as

watch in awe as the spirits of the those who came

a century before walked and interacted among themselves on the streets. 


I wish you to understand that you can release

grief and the feeling of separation from those you knew who have crossed over.  There is also a joy in being introduced to spirit guides and teachers

who have volunteered to help you on your journey through life.


Are you looking for more insight into how to take

the next step in you life?

Together with the help of your Spirit Loved Ones,

we can open the doors to possibilities you might

only have dreamed could be out there for you.


I love the work that I do and feel so blessed to

share this connection. 


You can book a private session on line, any questions please feel free to submit through the Contact Page.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and

being  part of this wonderful world we can share. 

I look forward to working with you on your

spiritual journey!

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