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I have been communicating with animals my entire life.  It started with the cats and dogs in my home as a child.   At 12 years old my parents gave me a pinto pony named Cherokee Bill. I never took

a riding lesson; rather it was an instinctive communing with my horses that led me into natural horsemanship training years before it became popular.
Years later on an evening in February, we went to see a quiet little brown gelding for my daughter. She rode him in the dark and he was her dream come true. I hugged him as we left, and told

him he could stay the week as we made our decision about him.   To my surprise, I heard within my mind, “I was kicked in the head when I was a baby, but it doesn’t bother me anymore.”  It was so strong and full of emotion, I burst into tears.   When I asked the 

riding instructor who came with us if she would move his

mane away from his forehead, we found a three-corner scar and an indentation in his skull of an old fracture!   “Oske” became my

animal teacher in the world of animal contact and intuitive communication.
 Perhaps your loving animal companion has recently started behaving differently and you

would like to know why.  Perhaps you are feeling the urge to take

into your home and heart, a new pet and confidant.  Perhaps it is time to help a dear elderly or ill

pet "cross over' and you struggle with letting go.
The Animal World is hard at work at this time, to help us open to new and exciting realities.  I look forward to assisting your and

your loving animal family to find clarity and greater understanding.

Let each call, each touch of a paw or nose, hold the message for you

of Love and gentle Guidance-

"Listen to me, your furry friend- 

 know I understand and want to help, because Love is All there Is."

I can't wait for you to hear their

hearts as I do!

You can schedule an animal/pet reading for an in- person session

or by phone (I CAN contact your

animal friend through your heart vibration), by clicking the on line booking!  

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