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Horse Wisdom Healings

All of Life is connected and interacts on the principle of Dynamic Resonance; the vibration of all living things.  In our natural world, the Animal Kingdom exists and interacts based on this principle.

 The expression of communication that is NON-Verbal is far more complete, colorful, dynamic and honest- as are horses.

During a horse healing, you, I, and the horses work together, interacting and learning together this common language that connects All Life.  When we work with the horses and nature through directed experiences, we are can learn "how" we think

and feel, rather than "what"

we think and feel.

By showing you Life through Resonance, the horses at Innersongs can help you to open new doors of self-awareness and how you present yourself to your world. 

We will work together as members of "the herd" to show you how those in your life may truly see you, how through Resonance awareness you can see yourself, and how you can insight as on how Resonance can effect your Health, your career and your relationships.

Various workshops, demonstrations and personal intensive work are offered here at Innersongs during the warm weather months in Wisconsin.

Private sessions are available to assist you in problem-solving, healing and gaining self-confidence.

Please visit the Events Page for

more information, or book a session on line at my farm in Mukwonago, WI.  Session are weather permitting.


 We look forward to you "Joining Our Herd"!

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