Nicci Van Der Merwe and Robin Salerno

       "The Power to Change"- 7 Class Series

                                  @Accendo Mind Body Soul, LLC.,

                            217 Wisconsin, Ave.,Waukesha,WI 53186

                Wednesdays, October 7- November 17.  6:30p-8:30p

         Join renown energy healers, intuitive mediums and

   spiritual teachers Nicci Van Der Merwe and Robin Salerno

        for an intensive 7 week class series that can help you                                  discover your hidden powers to CHANGE...

              toward the horizons you've been seeking and

                                the RESULTS you yearn for.


                                            ***LIMIT  8 persons***

                  -  Book online

   ***EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT - REGISTER BY SEPT. 28 - $295. pp.***

                                               after Sept 28 - $335. pp.


                                   Call 262 527-8011 for further details


      We are excited to offer this program of weekly classes designed to help you CHANGE in ways you have dreamed about.   Each week is designed to introduce you to ground-breaking knowledge, guide you through self-discovery and teach you easy and significant techniques

                      to help you bring on the changes you desire.

Included in our weekly classes are episodes in the series, “Rewired”,

by Dr. Joe Dispenza, on Gaia TV, which introduce the concepts of changing ourselves in order to change our lives.  His video series goes over the latest research and work in the fields of brain-study and genetics, and uses meditative techniques to transform people’s bodies,                                                emotions and lives.

We will work together and individually on topics that you would like

        to focus on to keep you evolving and growing as you wish. 


















My Life Path Drawing sessions and animal readings

are available at Accendo Mind Body & Soul,

217 Wisconsin Avenue, Waukesha WI 53186

Together Nicci Van Der Merwe and I will offer healing insight,

emotional intuitive guidance, and suggestions from

Spirit loved ones to promote clear directions for

you to move forward in Life!

Life Path Drawings at Accendo 2020

Accendo Life Path events are held in groups of up to 8 persons 

4-month drawing is done for each participant

Cost: $40. per person

Please call 262 527-8011 to reserve your space

or "Book Online" at

Weds., September 16, 2020

Thurs., October 15

Tues., November 17

Weds., December 16

If you have an interest in bringing our work to your area, 

please contact me at (262) 501-4838













            Located at S102W33389 Co. Rd. LO. Mukwonago, WI 53149   ( 262) 501-4838



                                   Innersongs  Summer  Program  2020


      “With the Wise Ones”-Equine- Guided Meditations and Intensives


      Meditation is a state of experiencing “ Oneness”.  Horses practice

      this state of being –it is their natural state of awareness in their Herd.            Equine-Guided meditation is a focused form of meditation that is                    practiced in the presence of one or more horses.  Horses provide

      an example of being fully present in their bodies as they are aware

      of each passing moment.  People meditating among the “Wise Ones”,

      experience a deeply moving sense of connection and understanding 

      using the combined power of intention and the healing Heart of the                Horse.


           Saturday, May 23- Horse Energy Demonstration 

                                                           with Participants

       11am – 12pm  FREE-OPEN Attendance PREREGISTER (262) 501-4838

                                                     LIMIT 30 persons

  • Sat. May 30- Horse Meditation Circle- “Heart Resonance”

             10am-12:30pm            Donation: $30. per person.


  • Sat. June 20- Horse Meditation Circle- “Healing with Horses"                           10am-12:30pm            Donation: $30 per person.   

  • Sat. July 18-  Horse Meditation Circle-“Managing and Reducing Stress”

             10am-12:30pm            Donation: $30. per person.  

    Saturday, Aug 8- Horse Workshop- "Leadership Resonance"

        9am - 1:30pm              Cost: $50.pp  PREREGISTER (262) 501-4838

                                                    Limit of 15 persons


   *  Sat. Aug 15- Horse Meditation Circle- “Gratitude- the Beginning                                                                                                of Growth "                                                         10am-12:30pm         Donation: $30. per person.

  • Sat. Sept. 19- Horse Meditation Circle- “Creating Your Personal                                                                                             Mandala"

              10am-12:30pm          Donation: $30. per person. 













                           2020 Consortium -Monthly Spirit Circles 


                      Held at S102w33389 Co.Rd. LO, Mukwonago, WI 53149

                        One Sunday each month, 2-4pm  Donation: $15.pp

                                        Rev. Robin Salerno - Instructor


                           Please be aware this is a friendly dog and cat home.

      *** Our group "home circle" meetings are held each month to assist and   expand personal intuitive and mediumship development.  Each month we work

 with a different theme; we will discuss, meditate and practice techniques in a     supportive group setting.  We cover various metaphysical subjects such as Healing,

  spirit communication, tarot, crystal work, animal communication and much more.      Wear comfortable clothes and bring something to take notes if you wish.

 Light refreshments will be offered after class, as well as a chance to share our               experiences. 

         We look forward to receiving loving messages from our Spirit Loved Ones  

                                        each month to support our expansion!


       *Sunday, Feb.23- “Faith is Not Enough"-

                                           Pt. 2 in 3-part series with Rev. Sherry Lee Calkins

        *Sunday, March 15-  “Living the Lifestyle"

                                           Pt. 3 with Rev. Sherry Lee Calkins

        *Sunday,  April 19- “Working with Sacred Water"- Messages to Inspire

        *Sunday, May 17-- "Loving Messages from Guardian Trees"

                                            with Nancy Lusz

        *Sunday, June 14- "Talking to Animals" Communication Skills


        *Sunday, July 12- "Healing the Emotions"

                                            with Nicci Van Der Merwe


        *Sunday, Aug. 9-  "Loving Messages from the Guardian Trees"

                                          with Nancy Lusz

        *Sunday, Sept. 13-  "Symbols in Spirit Messages"


        *Sunday, Oct. 18-   "Hauntings and Ghostings "


        *Sunday, Nov. 15-  Inners Journeys, Pt.I-

                                            "Meeting Yourself on the Path"

        *Sunday, Dec. 13-  Inner Journeys, Pt.II-

                                            "Spirit Libraries"



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