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 Workshops and Gatherings

         Innersongs- S102W33389 Co. Rd. LO,

                       Mukwonago, WI 53149


"Message from the Horses"

Special Circle 

Date: Sunday, July 31

Time: 10am - 12:30pm

Cost: $30 per person

Join us at Innersongs as Robin Salerno and the horses of Innersongs offer loving intuitive messages of insight and guidance for each of the participants.

 "Horses and Healing" Workshop 

Date: September 11  

       Time: 10:00am – 3:00 pm  

Cost: $80 per person

Limited of 9 people

Connecting with Horses

grants us new perceptions of our world.

    The frequencies of their loving heartspace

can help to release history of old wounds

and ideas, and can open doors to healing

body, mind, and soul. 

Horses have the ability to see us for who

we truly are; their acceptance and willingness

to work with us offers new ways of moving forward in our own lives.

   *      Feel the energy resonance of Horses

           and their surrounding

   *      Practice “Shape-shifting” animal awareness

           by going within

   *      Work with the Masterson Method

           of energy healing    

   *      Share partnership and healing with

           Horses and each other


         The horses of Innersongs will work on the  ground with us in a relaxed, outdoor arena setting. Light refreshments will be provided.  Please wear comfortable outdoor clothing and boots suitable for working in a sand arena. 

Note-taking materials and journals are encouraged!



"Walk a Mile in My Paws"

Animal Communication Workshop

With Dogs

Date: Sat. October 15 

Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

Cost: $80 per person

Limit of 12 people

Having an emotional, intuitive connection

with animals, especially our dogs, results in a new perception of the world, leading to life-altering changes in our behavior. 

   We learn to experience healing from the heart,

and harmony with the Divine.

 We can begin to share the mind-set of

our canine companions as we:


*  Learn animal awareness by going within-

    called “Shape-shifting”

*  Become aware of our energy “Borders”

*  Practice animal awareness ”Walk with the Pack"

*  Share partnership and healing with dogs and 

    each other


            Group guided meditations, partnership exercises, and intuitive demonstrations by Robin .

   Light refreshment is included.   This workshop includes Tonka, Duke and Riley, the dog family at Innersongs. You are also free to bring picture(s) of your favorite pet or animal to use in these lively activities.  

         Come dressed in comfortable clothing.


​To Register, click the "book online" tab under Groups / Classes,

Or call 262 501-4838



      “With the Wise Ones”-Equine- Guided Meditations 2022


      Meditation is a state of experiencing “ Oneness”.  In the world

   of horses, this group feeling of "Oneness" is the everyday experience of being a member of the Herd.         


Horses provide an example of being fully present in their bodies as they are aware of each passing moment.  People meditating among the “Wise Ones” experience a deeply moving sense of connection and understanding using the combined power of intention and the healing Heart of the Horse.

Our meditation circles gather in an outdoor setting as the horses roam free around us, adding their frequencies to our own, promoting heart healing and balance.

Location: Innersongs(Robin's farm) 

 S102W33389 Co. Rd. LO.

Mukwonago, WI 53149  

( 262) 501-4838

Time: 10am -12:30pm

Cost: $30 per person / per session

Limit: 20 people / per session

  • June 25th- Horse Meditation Circle- Learning the Pause"


  •  July 16th- Horse Meditation Circle- "Circling Back"

  •                           ​

  • August 21- Horse Meditation Circle- "A Want or A Wish"

  • September 18th- Horse Meditation Circle - "One Decision Away"

  • October - TBA - Horse Meditation Circle - "All About Family")



To reserve your ​spot click the book online tab under groups / classes.​

                                                or call 262 501-4838



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