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Graphic designer & Art director

Robin Salerno

Psychic-Medium, Animal Intuitive, and Master Teacher

"At these times it feels so comforting to hear the loving messages from your friends and family on The Other Side. Let me help connect you to your Spirit Loved Ones-
Hearing from the Other Side may bring you just the comfort, support and guidance you may need."
Please call (262) 501-4838

Innersongs Sessions

The purpose of Innersongs is for you to experience healing and empowerment

by feeling the Connection between ALL things. 

Innersongs offers a vast array of spiritual experiences ranging from intuitive life drawings, communication with Spirit Loved Ones and animal friends,  Horse Wisdom healing and the mystical power of crystals in jewelry.

Life Drawings

These drawings are an artistic rendering of intuitive messages 

from Spirit and the resonance of your  own soul. 


Offers communication between the

 Living and those who have Crossed Over. 


The heart resonance of a horse can release pent up history and assist you in discovering your personal power.

Our animal friends cross our path to teach us and help us love and grow. Their behaviors mirror our joys and challenges.


The power of stones and crystals can enhance your own personal power and may assist in balancing your life.  Check out my gallery for one of a kind items.

Learn a spiritually centered approach to 

unfolding and expanding your awareness of Spirit in a relaxed, group setting. Practical techniques are included to start you in your studies of various metaphyscial subjects. Classes will be guided by  different Professors of the Consortium and Rev. Robin G. Salerno, director of the Consortium.



Located at: 

217 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 400

Waukesha, WI 53186


Parking is available in the back of the building.  

Turn onto Barstow to go behind the building and right onto Park Street.

  Building entrance in the back has stairwell or walk through corridor to use elevator.   


Email: | Tel: 262-501-4838


Bookings by appointment only

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